For a smooth and delightful user experience, it is hereby recommended to all the customer/users to carefully go properly through the terms and conditions mentioned.

These terms and conditions direct the application of all the features of the website both for monetary transactions, as well as non-monetary use of the website and other related services.

The mentioned terms of use, along with the privacy policy are applicable to both the first-time users along with repeated buyers. Although the agreement process may differ for both the user category, however, the sole aim to adhere to the terms and conditions is to ensure that a legal binding is extended towards all the services/applications that the website offer to its users.

To get access to applications of the website, it is mandatory for all the users to agree to the terms and conditions stated. The customers may need to agree to these terms of uses at multiple steps while browsing through the website.


For any user to be able to shop via the website or gain access to any of its prime feature (like adding product to wishlist), it is imperative as well as manadatory for the former to get himself registered with the website.

Registration process may require sumbbiting necessary details, extending beyond personal information such as name, contact number, email id, residential address etc.

Note that registration is a one-time process. However, the user might require to re-login with the same credentials in case of system being logged-out or in case the user wants to log-in to any other device.

User Privacy

The company strive towards safe guarding the user’s personal information that he/she have provided. The company lends 100% assurance to provide protection to all of its user’s personal info against any sort of cyber security breach.

The sole purpose to collect this information is to improve user’s experience and ensure a delightful customer experience.

General Terms

The company, as the sole governing authority, holds the right to withdraw any of its services, products, offers, etc. without giving any prior notice.

In such a case, if any amount would have been debited, then it will be surely credited to the registered bank account within 3-4 business days.

Product Description

Products/catalogs that are published upon the website are for the sole discretion of advertising and marketing. The actual product may not exactly match with what would be delivered to the customer. Most of the products are descriptive in nature and giving a brief description about each of their details may not be possible in some cases.


The company holds the reservation rights for all of the catalogues and product images. We don’t allow any other party to use them for any marketing or advertisment purpose until and unless approved by the company. Infringement of the former may lead to legal complications

*The company reserves the right to bring any change to the above terms and conditions. All the users are hereby advised to regularly update themselves with any changes being made to the policies*